Do you have a brand for your business?

Take this quiz to find out. Answer all questions on a scale of 1 to 5. (1 means “not at all and 5 meaning “It’s great, I got this!”)

Are you able to clearly and easily explain your business to people? *
Is the messaging on your website, social media and blog posts simple and easy for people to understand or is it full of complicated jargon? *
Do you have an elevator pitch that you are comfortable with and use consistently? *
Do you have a logo? Does it represent your business well? *
Do you have a website? Does it represent your business well? *
Are you doing social media? Is your following growing? Are followers engaging with you regularly? *
Is your business searchable on Google? Are you coming up in the first two pages? *
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7-14    It's time to accelerate your brand!

21-28 You're off to a good start, but your brand could use a boost!

35+    Congrats your brand is killin' it!