Should I Be Marketing When Business is Booming?

The economy is really good right now and for many of us business is booming! So does it make sense to keep putting time and money into your marketing?

The answer is YES!!

Remember the seeds you plant today don’t grow right away. It can take awhile.

If you are so busy right now that you aren’t able to service new clients at the high level you’re used to, then it might make sense to scale back your marketing efforts, but don’t cut them out entirely.

If you stop marketing all together, it’s likely that in six or eight months your leads will start to slow down or stop completely. That will start a vicious cycle of catch up.

But what happens if you keep marketing and it brings in immediate business that you can’t take on right away?

Here are two ways to handle that.

     1. Work them into your future schedule - Tell them that you’d love to work with them and although

          you can’t fit them into your schedule right now, you will be able to work with them in one

          month, six weeks or whatever works for you. If people really want to work with you they will wait

          as long as the timeframe is reasonable.


    2. Refer them to someone else. –  Find someone who can help them that is as talented as you! Make

        sure that whoever you refer them to will do a great job for them. Although they might be

        disappointed that you can’t work with them right now, they will appreciate that you

        connected them to someone who could.


So keep marketing even when business is going really well. Scale it back if you want, but keep it going so that next year will be as good as this one!

Meg Huwar