Overcome The Fear of Putting Yourself Out There

Last week I was talking with a guy from my networking group and we were chatting about social media. He told me that he needs to start putting himself out there, but he’s really uncomfortable about it. “Me too!!” I said. I was super uncomfortable when I started blogging, sending weekly e-blasts and doing social media. It was really scary. I was afraid that people would think my content was stupid or that there would be typos and poor writing. Over time, I’ve gotten more comfortable, but it still makes me nervous.

So how do you get started using social media to promote yourself and your brand?

Just Do it!

It’s like jumping off a cliff…you just have to do it!

 Don’t over think it or put it off.

 It’s scary as hell to put yourself out there, but once you do it and realize that the sky didn’t fall, you’ll build the confidence to keep going.

 I send a weekly e-blast to my list and the first time I sent it I was petrified! Since I create the content myself, it feels very personal to me. I was afraid people would think it was stupid. Instead, I got great feedback!  I’ve had so many folks tell me how my e-blast is helping them and that they share it with others. That encourages me to keep going!

 That gave me the courage to take the next step and start a podcast. The night before I taped the first episode of Marketing Monday’s with Meg, I hardly slept … I was so nervous! What if I made a total fool of myself? (God knows it wouldn’t be the first time… or the last!!)

 But the feedback from the first episode was shocking! I couldn’t believe how positive people were! Of course, it was probably only my friends and family listening, but the feedback was all good which gave me the encouragement to keep going.

 If you want to grow your brand and position yourself as an expert, you need to share your knowledge with the world. I recently heard someone say, that it’s actually wrong not to share your gifts with the world. That resonated with me.

 It’s scary as hell putting yourself out there, but what I’ve come to learn is that it isn’t about me… it’s about the people I serve. It’s about how they can benefit from my knowledge. Not everyone is in a position to hire me or my company, and sharing my knowledge allows me to serve more people.

 You have the ability to make a big impact by sharing your knowledge too and in the end that’s more important than your pride.

Meg Huwar