How to Keep the leads flowing...

As business owners we’re always planning right? Planning our day, planning our meetings, planning our quarterly goals. So why are we so resistant to planning our marketing?

Many small business owners get caught up in the day-to-day of running their business and forget about their marketing until business is slow. Sporadic marketing causes sporadic results. If you want consistent leads then you need to have a consistent effort, and the best way to do that is with a marketing plan. It can be simple, but you need one. It should include things like:

-          How often will you update your website?

-          How often will you post to your social media?

-          How many networking events will you attend in a month?

-          When will you run special offers and how will you promote them?

-          When will you run paid advertising?

-          How often will you send your email marketing campaigns?

Plan your marketing quarterly, every six months or yearly. Whatever works for you. Make sure the plan has deadlines so that tasks get be done in a timely fashion, and share the plan with team members who are involved in marketing your business.  Have regular meetings to review your plan and make sure that projects are moving toward completion.

The key is to be consistent in your efforts. By having a plan, it will even out your business cycle so that leads are always flowing into the business. After all, isn’t that what we really want?

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About the Author: Meg Huwar is an award winning Marketing & Brand Strategist, and Founder of Brand Accelerator. Ms. Huwar works with small business owners in service based businesses, to help them create and promote their brand. She has developed a 5 Step Framework which helps business owners tell their story.  Once they go through the process, they are able to quickly and easily explain what they do so they can grow revenue, get more clients and increase their income.

Meg Huwar