Why is it so hard to explain what I do?

I recently had a client who’s been working in his family business for 30 years, tell me he can’t explain his business to people. He’s not alone. Why is it so hard for us to explain what we do?  I think for many of us, its fear.  We’re afraid to get real clear or too specific about what we do, because it could cause us to lose business. For example, if we say we are an attorney who specializes in men going through divorce, then we miss out on doing business with half the population.  Instead, we maintain a vague description of our company, which leaves us open for more business. While that might be true, it also means that we are trying to be all things to all people, which usually means we don’t specialize in something that can provide real value to our customers.

You see, when you tell the world you specialize in something, it allows you to super- serve your tribe.  Your customers are looking for outside help because they need something they don’t know how to do, which means they need someone who is an expert. When you position yourself that way, you are able to offer them real value, because you have the experience and expertise to solve their problem or fill their need.

Don’t be afraid to say who you are, and what you do. In the end, it will help you attract the customers you are looking for, and lots of them!


Meg Huwar