Why I'm Passionate about Branding

Most of my girlfriends can talk for hours about things like traveling, their pets and conducting college searches with their kids. I like those topics too but if you get me started talking about business, there’s a good chance I’m going to go on for awhile.  Especially, when it comes to marketing and branding. I know it’s weird but it’s something I feel very passionate about. The  reason?  Because although I’ve been in the marketing and media business along time, I didn’t truly know its value until I started my first business. And the reason I found out its importance, is because I didn’t have one.

I started my business in 2010 when I left my job at the local CBS affiliate. Although it was a high paying job, I was unhappy and decided to quit rather abruptly. I had no idea what I was going to do, but I gave my three week’s notice. With little thought, I decided to start my own business doing marketing consulting and media buying for small businesses. With two teenagers only a few years away from college, I felt tremendous pressure to start generating an income immediately. So instead of creating a business plan and a brand for my business, I just jumped right in and started looking for clients.

Surprisingly, my strategy of having no strategy, actually took me farther than you would expect. But eventually, I got to the point where my business reached a plateau. I couldn’t seem to get it to the next level. At this point in my business, I had a few partners that I was working with and we were doing great work, but so were lots of other people in my industry. I couldn’t figure out our value proposition…what made us unique and different from everyone else doing what we were doing.  Eventually, I came to the realization that the reason I was struggling is that I didn’t have a clear brand. I had been preaching that to my clients for years, and yet I didn’t have one for myself. I was a bad case of the shoemaker whose children had no shoes.

My industry had changed a lot since I started my business eight years earlier and it made sense that I take a look the services I was delivering, how I was delivering them, what problem I solved for my clients, and the purpose of my business. In other words, it was time for me to create a brand.

That’s how Brand Accelerator was born. Since getting very clear on my purpose, my messaging and my value proposition, my business has changed. I was like a doctor who had never been sick. It was all academic to me. I understood how it worked and put into practice for others, but until I really experienced the branding process for myself, and saw the effects of a strong brand, I didn’t totally appreciate its value.

I’m totally hooked on helping small businesses not make the same mistakes I did. Now it’s my passion.

Meg Huwar