Do Small Businesses Really Need A Brand?

Many small business owners think that "brands" are for big business. This couldn't be further from the truth. Small businesses don't have the luxury of large advertising budgets, so they need to make it crystal clear who they are, what their business stands for and what makes them different from everyone else in their industry. That's what a brand does. 

 Let me share an example of a small business with a great brand. I recently met two attorneys that were both solo practioners. The first told me he was an attorney and provided great legal services and customer service for his clients. The second attorney told me that he is a divorce attorney and works with men going through divorce to help them get fair custody of their children and preserve their assets.  

Which attorney has a brand?

In the example above, the attorney working with men is simply a divorce attorney. He took all the same law school classes and has the same credentials as every other divorce attorney, and yet he chose a niche and went after it. That positions him as an expert in his field and when men are going through a divorce they come to him. 

That's how you create a brand. Find what makes you different and if you don't have anything...then create it. 

Another example is that I recently met a life coach at an event. I meet them at every event because there are tons of them and they are always networking. But this one was different. She said “My name is Sarah and I help empower women to make their dreams come true.” Wow…that caught my attention. That’s a brand. She specifically works with women who are trying to change their lives.

A funny thing happens when you create a powerful brand…clients start coming to you instead of you looking for them!! They understand that you are an expert in something and they seek you out.

So yes, small business needs to have a powerful brand just like big companies. Once you establish your brand then you need to live it…but that’s for another blog.


Written by Meg Huwar, Founder of Brand Accelerator, a Pittsburgh based marketing company that specializes in creating powerful brands for entrepreneurs.

Meg Huwar