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I’m Meg Huwar, award winning marketing and brand strategist, and Founder of Brand Accelerator.

We work with business owners who want to grow their business, but don’t have the time, expertise or staff to do their marketing. At Brand Accelerator, we offer the perfect solution!

We provide companies the opportunity to outsource their marketing, by utilizing our team of experienced, talented marketing professionals, at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full time person.

Our team can create a brand strategy, marketing plan, sales process, logo, tagline, website, SEO, email marketing, media buying, video and social media.

Working with us allows our clients to develop a consistent and successful approach to marketing that helps them grow their client base, revenue and profit.


Outsourcing Your Marketing

We understand that marketing can be overwhelming, and most businesses aren’t in a position to hire a brand strategist, a marketing firm, web developer, graphic designer, sales trainer, SEO expert, videographer and social media manager. We also know you can’t do all this by yourself.

At Brand Accelerator, we have a deep bench that includes some of Pittsburgh’s most experienced and talented marketing professionals. Our team is lead by Meg Huwar, who works with you to create your brand strategy and marketing plan. Then we assemble a team that’s customized to meet your specific needs. This team will help you create your logo, tagline, brochures, website, SEO, video and social media.

By using Brand Accelerator, you are ensured of high quality work that will provide you with a strategic and consistent approach to your marketing that will increase your client base and grow your business.





Option #1.   Monthly Retainer

Most of our clients work with us on a monthly retainer for a minimum of one year. For more information click the button below.



Option #2 Project work

We are available to work on specific projects including brand strategy, marketing plans, web development, SEO, logo design and media buying for traditional and digital media.


Investment: $150 an hour



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