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Hi, I'm Meg Huwar

Owner of Brand Accelerator, and I've found that most small business owners have a hard time telling their story, which makes it really hard to get new clients and grow their business.

I’ve spent years helping business owners grow and promote their businesses. I understand how difficult it can be to make your business stand out, (after all I’m a small business owner too!) I also understand that if you can explain why your business is unique and different, you can increase your revenue, get more clients and make more money. In other can accelerate your brand!




I found that many small business owners never develop a marketing or brand strategy for their business, so I created a 5 Step Framework that makes it really simple to:

  • Quickly and easily explain what you do,  

  • Understand what makes your business unique & different

  • Understand what problem you solve for your customers

  • Identify your ideal customer

    Once we go through this framework, it’s amazing how the pieces fall into place! When your message is clear, and you give people a reason to buy from you, your sales just start to go up. It’ll also so make it easy to write for your website, social media and blog….the words just start to flow!




Once we develop your brand we want to help you bring it to life!  We can assist you with developing a marketing strategy, logo, website, business cards, brochures, video, email marketing, and digital/social/traditional media buying.




Many people are confused by the word "brand."  They think it refers to a logo and website, but it's so much more than that! Your brand is what comes to mind when your customers think of your business. It's what makes you unique and different. It gives you a competitive edge, and allows you to make an emotional connection with your customers.  Without one, you will be viewed as a commodity and your differentiator will be price, which puts you in a race for the bottom. 



We offer a variety of pricing and packages. If you don’t see one that works for you, please contact me and we can customize something based on your particular need.



Option #1.   Customized brand strategy and marketing plan.

  • Includes one hour initial discovery meeting (no charge)
  • The second meeting consists of a Brand Assessment. This tool allows us to see the strengths and weaknesses in your current marketing. It also helps us determine if we are a good fit to work together.


Investment  //  Starts at $90 per hour

If we decide to move forward, I will map out the scope of work and pricing, so we can begin to work towards achieving your marketing goals.



Option #2  Coaching

  • If you just need a few hours of help to answer questions and brainstorm this is the way to go. We can review your website and social media, and identify a brand strategy and give you direction on how to carry out your marketing efforts on your own.


Investment  //  Starting at $90 per hour



Option #3    3 Step Brand Builder Plan



Fill out the Brand Builder Workbook (takes about an hour) The workbook is a deep dive into your business and is filled with very detailed questions about how you operate. Once you answer the questions you will email the workbook back to me. I will review your answers, website and social media to prepare for Step 2.



60 Minute Call With Meg Huwar We will spend an hour on the phone discussing the answers in your workbook and the marketing challenges that you are facing. I will address your major concerns and help you develop a brand strategy, ideas for marketing your business and finding your ideal customer.



Brand Strategy and Marketing Plan Within a week of our call, I will provide you with a customized Brand Strategy and Marketing plan.


 Investment  //  $299



If you would like to start a conversation about how I can help you create a powerful brand for your business, please fill out the contact form below. Also, be sure to sign up for my newsletter which is full of tips and ideas for growing your small business!